Bill Scheiwer,

Certified Bowling Coach


July 2017

TO ALL THOSE PARTICIPATING OR INTERESTED IN BOWLING IN THE PETERSEN CLASSIC IN THE CHICAGO AREA FOR 2017. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 1. My squads bowl on Aug. 5, 2017 at BRUNSWICK ZONE LANES ON 3111 RIVER GROVE RD. RIVER GROVE, ILL. 60171 2. I HAVE 2 squads at 8:30 am and 12:00 noon. There are 32 bowlers on a squad. (your choice) Each squad bowls 8 games. The entry fee is $95 Per entry with no re-entries. 3. Top prizes currently Ave $16 to $20 thousand depending on number of entries. Two bowlers from my squads have won this event: TONY FIORE from Ohio for $41,000 and Doug Reid from upstate N.Y. For $42,000. In the 2016 event, Joe Knodle from Canonsburg led until 3 days from the end and finished 3rd. 3. I have been a squad leader for 50 years. There is also an optional doubles event that uses your games on lanes 1-8 and throwing out ur low game. My partner (Harry Lorow) and I won this event in 1983 for over $5,000. 4.You will never bowl in a TOUGHER TOURNAMENT LIKE THIS ONE. THE TOURNAMENT STARTS IN APRIL AND END IN MID AUGUST. SO FAR THIS SEASON, THERE HAVE ONLY BEEN two 1600’s for their 8 game scratch. There is also a pins over entering ave for lower ave bowlers, plus 5 squad prize cashes paid out on the spot on tournament day. 5. IF YOU THINK THIS IN NOT A TOUGH TOURNAMENT………..ASK FRAN BAX FROM BUFFALO, N.Y.! (I remember your air shot put release) 6. //@&$ Call me for a spot, I still have Only 12 spots left to fill my two 32 man squads! My cell ph is 724-986-7254. Or e-mail me at

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